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So I've been playing some EBA lately. And I also got the chance to play some Jubeat as well when I went to the arcade at the mall. I've really been on a rhythm game binge lately and I absolutely love it. That being said, I'm also trying to get some art done that needs to be done eep.

Plus the fact that Christmas is coming doesn't make it any easier. That being said, I hope to keep at it and eventually I'll get things done.
I also really want to try drawing things from more rhythm games. I noticed that rhythm games need more love. But there's a lot of games that need more love that I'd LOVE to draw for too.
I think I also have a thing for more obscure games haha.

Date: 2014-12-23 03:30 pm (UTC)
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omfg the EBA version of La La is SO GOOD I really love it!! I'm so glad that you've been enjoying EBA! that brings back a lot of memories, I was so into the characters and songs when it came out :^) I remember characters like Chieftain being really fun to draw.

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