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So I'm 2 days late for the Dragon Type one, I did post the Dark type at least. Still need to clean it up, but I'll get to that once I finish Day 4 and 5.

So, favourite Dark type is:


Sandile! It's such a little cutie. I also like its evolutions. They're pretty neat looking.
I also imagine that when you run into one of these guys in the rock path, in the game, there's a bit of an explosion, and it looks like they jump out of the ground. I ended up rushing this one, but in the full pic, the Sandile is full on up in the air, but I haven't finished the rest sooooo...

And for the favourite Dragon type:


Dragonair! Actually, it was a very close toss up between both Dragonair and Goodra, but I decided on Dragonair. I may do Goodra at a later time.
This one was really fun to work on. I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I'll probably post Day 4 and 5 either today or tomorrow.
i_am_a_fish: A goldfish dressed up as a knight, holding a pink plastic sword. (Default)
So I'm doing the Pokedex Challenge! This one in fact: http://mybrainranaway.tumblr.com/post/103874080733/pembrokewkorgi-torotix-lugidog-since-the

And my favourite bug pokemon happens to be:
Day 1: Favourite Bug Pokemon

Volcarona! I just really like its design and colours. I just think it looks really cool.
Funnily enough though, in real life, I'm actually kind of afraid of moths. I don't like it when they fly straight at you.
I'm actually kinda late posting this today, but I finished it late last night and I was tired so I'm posting it now.

I'm working on the second day, which is favourite dark type. I don't think I'll do it with a background like I did with this.

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